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Professional husbandry of our state land through aerial application for a sustainable productive future


Keeping our state land healthy for long term farm production, grazing and conservation is a crucially important undertaking. Many of our state’s land leases and conservation areas are far removed from view. It is important these lands receive adequate attention to ensure they are kept in pristine condition. Whether categorized use is agricultural or conversational, allowing invasive weeds to go untreated can lead to devastating effects. These untreated issues can take years to control making the possibility of land leasing an undesirable proposition to Washington’s farmers and ranchers. Furthermore, the spread of invasive weeds to neighboring lands can lead to yield and monetary losses in crops, as well as loss of livestock due to ingestion of noxious weeds. Routine scouting and timely prescribed aerial applications can prevent such situations from becoming an uncontrollable takeover of invasive species.


GEM AIR, Inc. specializes in aerial application in Eastern Washington with a deep understanding of our regions best land management practices. Each pilot has over 10 years of application experience and are always annually PAASS certified (Professional Aerial Applicators Support System) from the NAAA (National Agricultural Aviation Association). Eastern Washington lends itself very well to fixed wing aircraft. The terrain is often far too extreme for ground-based operations and the vast acreage and remote areas seem to be tailor made for the airplane. The Air Tractor AT-602 is fast and designed for extended airborne missions making even the most remote parts of Washington a breeze to access. Our AT-602 aircraft are equipped with the latest GPS guidance, automatic flow rate controllers and Hi-volume spray systems. These aircraft are Production machines able to safely apply up to 2000 acres or more in a single day without ever leaving a footprint in the field; therefore, no soil compaction. Each aircraft is pattern tested by Operation S.A.F.E. (Self-Regulating Flight Efficacy) and certified on a yearly basis by certified S.A.F.E. analysts.


GEM AIR, Inc. provides full package applications from pre-scouting and mission planning to completion and post notification review. Our support equipment and crew are fully mobile for both liquid and dry application allowing us to service a sizable portion of Washington State. From liquid applications such as insecticides or herbicides to dry fertilizing or aerial seeding for fire rehabilitation, GEM AIR, Inc. is set up with the proper equipment and most importantly the knowledge and skill required to perform these applications efficiently, timely and safely.


GEM AIR, Inc. has a vested interest in caring for our state’s lands. This is our home and we want to do our part to keep it healthy.


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Aerial application for State Owned land

Professional husbandry of our states land through aerial application for a productive future

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