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A New option for aerial application

in the Columbia basin


We want to take a minute to connect with you about GEM Air Inc.’s availability to meet your aerial application needs. Our fleet is made up of large capacity aircraft allowing our company to provide prompt service should you require aerial application during the current spray season. In addition to traditional aerial application services for conventional farms and orchards, including liquid and dry fertilizers, conventional pesticides and seeding, we also have a specialized focus on aerial applications for organic farms and orchards. We feel confident GEM Air Inc. will provide the quality and timely service you desire for your crop locations. Thank you for your consideration in making GEM Air Inc. part of your crop care management program.

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washingngton grown

Season2 -

Aerial Application

The best Farm-To-Table show around. See the important roll aerial application plays in Washington with host Kristi Gorenson

Field flyers

be my wingman over the palouse 

Ride jump seat over the rolling hills of the Palouse to see what it takes to fly AG


Whats really happening through your pivot.

The Case for Aerial Application Over Chemigation

By: Scott Bretthauer


Aerial application for State Owned land

Professional husbandry of our states land through aerial application for a productive future





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